Top 5 Wednesday

I feel the need to explain my delay in posts quickly… three assignments due in the last seven days, have some mercy on me please! 😜

Top 5 Wednesday topic this April 11th has been slightly modified. The original topic read; auto-buy authors, and maybe the concept is a little bit different altogether, but honestly I rarely buy books. Of the 25 books I’ve read this year, only two have been from my personal shelf, the rest were sourced from my local library!

I personally found this list very easy to curate, because I’ve read such great books from these authors either recently or in the last year or so. If you’d like to join in on future discussions, visit the goodreads group!

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Cassandra Clare

Whilst Clare isn’t necessarily an author I’d be quick to say is a favourite, I must admit that I can’t help but love most of her books set in the Shadowhunter world. Most recently, I’ve loved the first installment in The Dark Artificies trilogy — Lady Midnight. (My review can be found here.)

Before this series, I was (like many others) obsessed with The Infernal Devices series. I can’t not love her heroines and her angsty romances, that’s how she keeps me coming back!

1 4

Laini Taylor

Laini Taylor is a recent addition to this list and I’ve only read two books by this author so far! After finding Daughter of Smoke and Bone in a small second hand store years ago, I read it and relatively enjoyed it but didn’t get the fascination with it at the time.

But in 2017, I read and adored Strange the Dreamer. But what I got out of this experience was a better understanding and appreciation for Taylor’s unique writing style. Ever since I have been determined to revisit her debut series and finish it once and for all!

1 3

Mary E. Pearson

Mary E. Pearson had me captivated from page one of The Kiss of Deception. Although I have my criticisms of her Remnant Chronicles series, there is something in the way she writes her characters that really appeals to me. Dance of Thieves is her next release, and set in the same world as The Kiss of Deception, except we’re following a street thief… sign me up!

1 2

Leigh Bardugo

If I were to explain my relationship with Bardugo’s books, a lot of you may be wondering how she made it to the second spot on this list. That is, because I wasn’t really a fan of the Grisha Trilogy, or any of it’s characters really. I was surely interested in her writing and the Grisha world but was left sorely disappointed.

Then I read Six of Crows (two years after its release date, mind you) ever since, I have been nothing short of obsessed with that book. And so Bardugo is here for that reason. I am incredibly keen to read her Ninth House series, as well as getting my hands on Wonder Woman: Warbringer!


Seanan McGuire

My obsession with McGuire’s books started in January this year. Since, I’ve read a about four books from her, making her my most read author of 2018 so far! For this reason she had to be number one, right?

Whilst a lot of people have been obsessing over her Wayward Children series, it would be my honour to kindly direct you to another book of hers – Into the Drowning Deep (written under the name Mira Grant). If you’ve wanted to read a book that makes mermaids look cool, look no further.

Let me know if some of these authors would be on your list, or do you have an entirely different list altogether? SFF is definitely my most read genre, so I’d love some fresh recommendations from your thoughts in the comment section below! 😀post headers (1)




      1. YASSS and have you seen the cover reveal it’s bright orange and IT’S SO FRICKIN GORGEOUS, I’M DYING!


      2. It is! Can’t wait to dive into that magical world again! Anyway thank you so much for following me, I just started this book blog and I really appreciate your support :’)

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Laini Taylor and Leigh Bardugo are both auto read/buy authors for me too! I love mermaids so much, but I’ve never rated a book about mermaids more than 3 stars. So I’m always looking for the one mermaid book I’ll actually love, Into the Drowning Deep sounds really good – adding it to my tbr 🙂


    1. I really enjoy mermaids too, but I reach for books with them very little because of general apprehension. I hope you enjoy Into the Drowning Deep, it’s one of my favourites. But I’ll leave it at that because I don’t want to hype you up haha!


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