Top 5 Wednesday

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks Top Five Wednesday! This one’s an interesting one, where we get to talk a little bit more about some old favourites that I probably have never mentioned on my blog yet.

I personally don’t make much of a consistent effort to re-read my favourite books. I tend to only revisit books if I’m behind on a series. I definitely tend to re-watch shows all the time (Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Rick and Morty most often because they always make me laugh!) But this list will otherwise focus on mostly on books because I actually have a few planned re-reads!

Although, this topic is great because it can cover more than books — movies, tv and games can very much apply to this topic! And if you want to join in on future T5W’s, here’s the link the the goodreads group!

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Vicious by V.E. Schwab

Despite being low on this list, this is one of the the re-reads that will most likely happen before the year is out. With the second book in this series finally being released, I need a massive recap on Vicious because I read it nearly three years ago. It was such an unassuming book and I loved pretty much everything about it. (Especially the sociopathic Victor Vale.)1 4

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

This one’s on the list because I never went back to finish the rest of the trilogy! I feel like as a adult reader I’d have a deeper appreciation for Taylor’s writing, world and characters that I never really picked up on as a young and inexperience reader. I can’t wait to see what my experience will be like on a second read, because I think it will be pretty much from a whole new perspective.

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The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

I, like many, read this upon beginning my reading journey early in my teens. I’ve actually had an inkling about revisiting this series for a while. But committing to a series compared with one book just seems like too much of a commitment at this time. But I know it’s going to happen in the near future AND I actually want too.

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The Sims 3

I did not think a game would ever make an appearance on my T5W list. I haven’t played this game in years since my PC went to heaven. But lately, every time I’ve walked or driven past a nice house my instant reaction is “I want to build that on Sims.” I feel like that’s a telling sign I need this game back in my life ASAP, right?


Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

When these books came out I was complete trash for them. They were, after all, my first foray into the young adult fantasy world and by extension just fantasy in general. I just read Tower of Dawn in preparation for the finale in this series and it was actually one of the first SJM books I’ve enjoyed in a long time. (I have not enjoyed HoF, QoS or EoS… unfortunately I’m one of those people who just haven’t enjoyed the direction of this series!) But with the finale looming, I kind of want to take a trip down memory lane!!

Let me know what books you either want to or even plan to re-read! Or are you someone that already makes a habit out of re-reading favourites? I’m personally on the opposite end of the spectrum but kind of what that to change with regards to my reading habits seeing as I do it with TV show much.

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  1. I had a SJM re-read scheduled for this year that I may or may not have actually stuck too… whoops! I’ve got to hurry up and finish from Heir of Fire onwards because I want to find as many clues as possible for Kingdom of Ash.

    I’m a huge advocate for re-reads though, I love how you pick up little things the second time and your appreciation grows. I’ve recently just re-read Caraval in anticipation for Legendary and I changed my initial 4 star rating to 5 stars. I had a deeper appreciation for the characters and Stephanie’s writing this time. Maybe because I’d distanced myself from the hype? Maybe I was in a better mood for the genre? Who knows but I can now tell you that I am obsessed!

    I’m also trying to squeeze a Darkest Minds re-read in before I see the movie but we’ll see if my TBR allows for that haha!


    1. I think this SJM re-read is going to happen! Especially after reading your review, it’s inspired me. I miss those feels. 😄 I might not catch up in time but it’s the first three I really don’t remember all that well.

      I liked how you mentioned the distanced from the hype. I think that’s a key thing for me with regards to enjoying books in general and would make a big difference upon any re-reads that had initially big releases. I’m glad you enjoyed your re-read of Caraval. I hope that happens with my TOG read. 😬

      Good luck with your Darkest Minds re-read too. I wish I could brave it but thought about it too late. I’m super excited for it though and am going to see it ASAP. I love the look of it and I think Amandla is a perfect choice.

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      1. Thanks so much for checking out my review ^-^ The first three novels really do bring all those feels! I love how the series has progressed and grown but at the same time I love when it was just the original trio and the only issue was Celaena’s role as the king’s champion… ah – back when my babies were all okay and my ships were intact. I need things to get better asap because Empire of Storms literally destroyed my soul!

        Hype is such a tricky thing because often we don’t all have the same tastes in genres, themes and what-not. There have been so many books that everyone adored and raved about but I couldn’t get into. Sometimes if I’m skeptical about a book I’ll even wait a few months before I read it. That way I go in without expectations and other opinions clouding my own reading experience. Literally everyone loved The Cruel Prince and while I enjoyed it I still didn’t get fully swept away. It wasn’t a 5 start read sadly. Sometimes I wonder if the hype surrounding these books can impact our reading too? Maybe, like Caraval, I’ll pick up The Cruel Prince again and find I can appreciate it more. I hope so anyway. I feel like I’m the only one who isn’t obsessed!


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