Book Review


Title: Filthy Gods
Author: R. Scarlet
Series or Standalone: Series
Genre: Adult Romance, New Adult, Contemporary
Publication Date: May 6th 2018
Publisher: Unsure, Maybe Self Published
Format: Kindle
Source: Amazon
Star Rating: ★★★☆☆


Filthy Gods is the novella prequel to R. Scarlet’s new American God series – a new adult series following Yale’s most attractive, wealthy and elite gentlemen. We follow Juliette Monroe, raised in the foster care system and on scholarship at Yale, she is not like her wealthy classmates. Yet, whilst working her ass off to afford living, she’s top of her pre-law classes.

Although she is constantly grappling for this title with her dangerously handsome rival Nathaniel Radcliffe, one of Yale’s elite. Between summers, Juliette finds herself working at the Hawthorn Country Club, a prestigious club that Nathaniel’s mother owns. It’s here that Nathaniel and Juliette face their rivalry – and their true desires for one another.

After reading Helen Hoang’s The Kiss Quotient, I kind of went on a new adult binge. Filthy Gods was the first of many, but didn’t quite satiate my need for romance.

This story for me had a lot of potential. I think Scarlet captures the setting and the attitude of the elite here perfectly. My lack of enjoyment is because a) this is a novella and I prefer full length stories and b) I wanted more from Juliette and Nathaniel’s relationship that probably could’ve been resolved if this was longer.

I’m so picky when it comes to romances, but I do wish this started off on a different tone. Upon beginning the story Juliette is working at the country club and loathes Nathaniel. She doesn’t even seem to have an ounce of sexual interest for him. However, after being approached by Nathaniel who has demanded Juliette be ‘his’ for the summer – she does a complete 180 and desires him completely.

I felt as if for me as a reader, I wouldn’t have lost believability if Juliette had shown interest in the beginning. To me this aspect is more plausible and is completely possible for her to loathe, yet desire him. I also would’ve enjoyed the angst and banter that happens in the before stage of romance developing. More angst would have definitely improved my enjoyment.

The only thing I was afraid of was my own mortality in front of him. Gods fell in love with mortals and demolished them piece-by-piece.

Despite being from polar opposite worlds, I loved how alike Juliette and Nathaniel are. They are both incredibly smart, punctual and determined characters whom naturally compliment each other. Where this trope is present, this is how I prefer it being executed. It makes no sense for characters from opposite worlds to be together when they have nothing in common. That is not the case with this book.

Earlier this month I read a similar romance novel – Vicious by L.J. Shen. They are similar in the sense that the characters are also from polar opposite backgrounds. Although I found Vicious slightly polarizing take because the wealthy character is outright rude to the poorer character because they are from lower socioeconomic group. Consequently, I was kind of nervous about going into this book because I hated that aspect about Vicious.

However, Filthy Gods is a surprisingly classier take on the trope. Here, Nathaniel isn’t out right rude to Juliette for being from a lower class from the rest of the Yale league. He is definitely still the alpha male that many enjoy when seeking out New Adult romances.

He never let others control him. He never let others dictate his time or presence. He was steel and iron Forged and unbreakable. I felt like delicate glass in his powerful hands.

Ultimately, I enjoyed reading about two very like-minded people from polar opposite worlds. I was just missing that initial lusting stage before the beginning of their relationship. The relationship just goes from 0 to 100 way to quickly. I feel as though this was such a missed opportunity. These are great characters lacking a great plot. I think had we seen more of their rivalry at school and told less about it, I would’ve been way more invested.

Despite my criticisms, I am definitely interested in continuing with this series. My life has been missing the Gossip Girl-esque nastiness of the elite. I think this series could definitely fill that void I’m missing.

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