Top 5 Wednesday

Redemption Arcs… definitely a yay from me. Villains can sometimes make the best of heroes. Oddly enough.

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Rhysand from A Court of Mist and Fury

So truth be told, I haven’t read ACOMAF… but I don’t have to because I know where it’s going and I’m very excited about it. S

I was never keen on Tamlin and Feyre being endgame and as soon as Rhys came into the picture in ACOTAR you just knew we’re it was going with this bad boy. SJM has a tendency to switch-a-roo so I’m expecting all the good things when I get to ACOMAF.

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Jaime Lannister

I definitely think Jaime is one of my favourite characters in the Game of Thrones universe at the moment. He would definitely soar to the top of this list if we think he’s going to do the thing we kind of all want him too, right?!

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Matthias Helvar from Six of Crows

I had to feature a character from what is one of my favourite reads of 2018. Matthias’ journey begans as a Drüskelle. They Drüskelle are holy soldiers from Fjerda, who hunt Grisha for they believe the Grisha are demonic and evil. Which makes a love story between Matthias and a Grisha even more interesting, right? Leigh Bardugo honestly has written one of my favourite romances in this book alone and Matthias’ redemption here is pretty sweet.

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Lysandra from the Throne of Glass series

To be honest, I’ll find any opportunity to talk about Lysandra. Aside from Yrene she’s definitely one of my favourite characters in the Throne of Glass universe. In the grand scheme of things, this character isn’t inherently evil, so it feels a bit dishonest to have her on this list.

However, when she was introduced in The Assassin’s Blade she wasn’t exactly on good terms with Celaena and was a bit of a nuisance. Feel free to object, but she is easily one of the coolest characters when she’s reintroduced in Queen of Shadows. Her and Celaena obviously kiss and make up and Lysandra proves herself to be a loyal member of the crew.


The Mikaelson’s Family from The Originals & Vampire Diaries Universe

Hi, I’m Mikaelson trash. Specifically Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah because they have the biggest presence in this World. They’re just some of my favourite characters in this universe and constantly have redemption moments. Elijah, although the nicest of the three, arguably has the least to be redeemed for. But when we are introduced to him, he isn’t exactly pitted as the nice guy.  Out of the trio, Klaus is constantly having redemptions as well as being the resident hot sociopath. But it’s Rebekah who I love the most. It’s especially hard not to root for her when her motto is “us girls have to stick together.” Umm, HECK YES WE DO.

Do you like redemption arcs? I was tempted to put Snape, but I don’t necessarily like Snape even though he has an interesting redemption arc. Let me know some of your favourites! And don’t forget to check out the top 5 Wednesday group if you’d like to participate in future topics.

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  1. I’ve always been intrigued by the redemption arch – I’m all about the anti-heroes and anti-villains, those murky characters who you just can’t pin down! I have to say, my favorite has got to be Snape. Okay, I know he’s a jerk but he always made me laugh with just how truly mean he was. I could never figure him out. Not in the books and not even Alan Rickman’s portrayal. I always wanted to trust him but I was never certain. When I read The Half Blood Prince all those years ago I was so mad and I was sure that was it in terms of his arch. I hated him with a passion – I did not see that final spin coming! Maybe other people did but it came out of left field for me and I loved it.

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    1. I have always been about anti-heroes too! I had to look up the term anti-villain though, it’s not something I’ve come across before… Before this T5W the term ‘redemption arc’ was not on my radar. Snape definitely came across my mind while writing this list — but one of the golden rules of T5W is to stay away from the Harry Potter series haha! I have such a love hate relationship with Snape. His character is so intriguing, but is also a deplorable person because he’s so cruel to Harry and his friends. His reason for redemption is pretty solid. Alan Rickman’s portrayal makes me enjoy the character more definitely. But you’re right. I’m currently re-reading the series (up to book three) and Snape is a horrible bully, I never would have guessed the spin either. 😝

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  2. oh god Matthias STILL makes me cry!!!!!! THAT ANGEL. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! Kaz is still my favorite, and I worship Nina, but Matthias is so precious lskdjflskjfsl HE IMPROVED AS A HUMAN!!!!!

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