There are so many releases and movie related news this November that I’m excited to discuss!

New Releases


The highly anticipated Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan was released on November 6th. It is also new this week to the New York Time best seller list for Young Adult Hardcovers! See my spoiler free review here for Girls of Paper and Fire – I loved this book! Liane Moriarty also released a new book; Nine Perfect Strangers, also on November 6th. The first book in Brandon Sanderson’s new series; Skyward was released November 6th as well. (It’s a hot date apparently!)

See more early November releases in below:

AnnouncementsNina LaCour, author of Everything Leads to You and most recently We Are Okay, recently started her own podcast.


Aquaman Behind the Scenes Footage

Aquaman releases late December but we are already getting some great footage. Jason Momoa positions it so well “…we haven’t been under the ocean yet, this is our outer space.” It really describes why I’m so excited about this movie, the possibilities of a new world! I am 100% seeing this movie on the big screen and hope it’s a massive hit for the DC Franchise.

Official Dumplin’ Trailer

I was complaining last week about the announcement of Dumplin’ (Julie Murphy’s debut novel) being so close with no trailer. Seems like I spoke too soon. This is definitely on my to watch list.

Tome Topple Readathon

Tome Topple on November 16th and ends on November 29th. I will definitely be aiming to read some big books during this time from my recent T5W post “Largest books on my TBR.”

Let me know below if any of this news is relevant or excites you. Is there any news on the last two weeks that you think I’ve missed, I’d love to hear it and discuss! 😄📚post headers (1)


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      1. I am failing so hard too! I’m honestly hoping to just finish the one tome I’m reading atm because I’ve had some personal issues and gosh darn it when you literally just can’t read at all for ages T_T

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