A quick (and late… 😭) top five Wednesday post to reassure you I’m still alive (barely), because uni assignments and work have been consuming my life. Also Kingdom of Ash. That monster is taking FOREVER to get through.


Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare


There is no way I’ll get to this book before the end of the year, but it is top of priority for 2019! Lord of Shadows finished on such a cliffhanger I am dying to see what happens. And also really excited for one particularly evil character to die… (hopefully) (that’s mean, but also so TRUE).


Dragon Whisper by Niamh Murphy


The Goodread’s blurb for Dragon Whisper, reads; “For fans of Sarah J. Maas, Game of Thrones, and Skyrim comes a queer, epic fantasy set in a land of Dark Wizards and Warrior Queens… ” Skyrim… queer… I’m a sure thing!


Kingdom of Needle of Bone by Mira Grant


Kingdom of Needle and Bone is a short, science fiction horror story being released late December by Mira Grant. (aka Seanan McGuire). I am obsessed with Grant’s Into the Drowning Deep and can’t wait to read this book. In sounds fascinating; disease becomes loose around the world with terrible consequences for survivors… To be honest, I can’t get enough of Grant’s story telling and am really excited for this one.


In an Absent Dream by Seanan McGuire


In an Absent Dream is the fourth book in the Wayward Children seres, and like most, I am completely enthralled with it. Every book feels so magical, and the changing of protagonist means the exploration of new worlds and characters; it’s really such a fun time.Β 1

Basically all of Talia Hibbert’s portfolio of work


I recently read Merry Inkmas by Talia Hibbert, a short new adult Christmas-y romance and it was so adorable! Talia Hibbert has literally soared to the top of my favourite NA writers, because I know I’m going to enjoy her future work based on this short story. Watch out for a review! (BTW, it’s free on Amazon until later December and you should definitely consider reading it if you’re a new adult fan. πŸ˜€)

I hope you are all having a great December so far. Sorry for being so inactive these past weeks but, I can’t wait to catch up on all the blog posts that have slipped through my radar this month. Do you have any reading goals you need to achieve before the end of the year? I’m personally trying to finish 100 books – currently on 91 and Kingdom of Ash is NOT HELPING! πŸ“šπŸ˜…post headers (1)


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