Welcome to my first instalment of In Case You Missed It for 2019!

New Releases

These books are the biggest releases that are on my radar this month so far. Helen Hoang’s debut The Kiss Quotient was one of my favourite reads of 2018 and so I’m excited to read her next romance novel.

Although contemporary is not a genre a reach for often, I’ve got Again, but Better waiting for me on my kindle. Christine Riccio’s video Thoughts from a Published Author had me feeling all kinds of emotional, I thought it was very sweet and prompted me to want to pick this one up sooner.

Lastly, as one of the only readers who has reader Amie Kaufman’s and Jay Kristoff’s The Illuminae Files – all I had to do was read Aurora Rising’s blurb and I was convinced! I love space exploration/expedition type of stories, and so I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.


➳ Asian Readathon Annoucement by readwithcindy

If you weren’t aware, May is Asian Pacific Heritage Month. Cindy from readwithcindy is one of five hosts who have created an amazingly accessible readathon with 5 simple challenges. Here is a link to the Google Doc with everything you need to know such as the hosts, book & author recs (literally pages of recs), the challenges and relevant twitter handles and hashtags.

➳ Smuthathon Announcement by Riley Marie

Smuthathon is a Steamy Adult Romance Readathon hosted by Riley Marie and Gingerreadslainey. For this round of Smutathon, taking place from June 3rd until the 9th, there is created a bingo board of challenges.

June is coincidentally pride month and so Riley created an LGBTQ+ Romance Recommendations list. Here is an Author of Colour recommendations list and WOCInRomance on Twitter that Riley shares for more romance reading recommendations.Miscellanious

➳ His Dark Materials: Season 1 Trailer

Until this trailer dropped I had no idea this was becoming a TV Series. This book series has been on my to-read list for ages, I might have to prioritise it seeing as the show might premiere later 2019.

➳ Nancy Drew: Season 1 Trailer

My introduction to Nancy Drew was the 2007 movie starring Emma Roberts that I adored as a kid. This CW trailer is super generous and I’m loving how grim it looks.

Although I’m in two minds about this. Aside from being excited, I’m also not wanting to get my hopes up too much because the CW has produced more misses than hits for me lately. It’s really giving me Vernoica Mars vibes (especially that moment with Nancy and the sheriff!) so I’m kind of onboard already.

➳ Batwoman: Season 1 Trailer

I can’t say I’m super excited about Batwoman. For a while I was on The Flash train (up until the end of season 4), but have since really lost touch with the CW’s Superhero verse. However, I’m willing to try and get back on the bandwagon with at least one of their shows and considering this has an LGBT aspect – it’s piqued my interest!

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