So I put all my upcoming posts on hold for this because the Shadow and Bone casting has released most of its cast of major characters.

Spoiler alert: i’m really excited. 

Earlier this year when I first heard the news of a Shadow and Bone adaptation that would not only be based on Shadow and Bone, but the whole Grishaverse to include Six of Crows, I was probably one of the few people that wasn’t excited initially..

Honestly, that just comes from being less of a Shadow and Bone fan, but a serious die-hard Six of Crows fan and just wanting a SoC adaptation. I’m still curious as to how they are going to fit all those personalities into one show and give each POV the love and attention they deserve. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was excited after this casting announcement.

At first, my eyes were looking for a Nina because she is one of my favourite, if not favourite characters in the Grishaverse. And I’ll admit I did panic when I didn’t see anyone plus size… but Leigh confirmed on her Instagram that this is only the first wave of casting, so Nina fans will just have to be patient.

Personally from this announcement, I’m really excited about Ben Barnes, Jessie Mei Li, and Amita Suman. Although I’m happy with this first wave of news in general, my eyes were just drawn to them in particular. Especially Amita, I’m already getting Inej vibes from her power pose!

Are you excited about the Grishaverse adaptation? After this announcement I’m definitely warming to it and becoming more excited.

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  1. When I saw Freddy Carter and Ben Barnes cast I was like YAS! I adore Freddy in Free Rein (yes – I am aware that it’s a teen show) and I can’t wait to see him in a more bad-ass role like Kaz… Even if I STILL haven’t read the books! Whoops! 😉

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