Hello everybody! Today I’m counting down the 2020 movies I’m most excited for. This wasn’t this weeks official topic, but there have been so many exciting trailers in the past week or so that have been released. I love going to the movies just as much as I love reading, so I thought a top ten would be perfect way to discuss the 2020 I can’t wait to see.

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I’m definitely focusing mostly on films that have a trailer released because that has helped build up excitement for me. But their are definitely films in late 2020 that I am excited for, but without any breadcrumbs they haven’t made this list!


The New Mutants

Horror movies isn’t typically a genre I seek out, but I have enjoyed most of the x-men movies. So whenever this gets released, I’ll be seeing it because I love super powered/human people!



RDJ + a horde of animals? Yes. Please. I love animals and I really love Robert Downey Jr. Nuff’ said!


Death on the Nile

I have no idea why, but I love ensemble casts. I didn’t mind Murder on the Orient Express film, so I’m willing to give this a try too. This movie also has Gal Gadot and I just adore her.


Birds of Prey

Honestly, I’m not super excited about this film, but I’m definitely seeing it and am willing to have my mind changed about it. Just not sure why we didn’t get a Sirens film before BOP… and also why is Harley inserting herself into the BOP? Seems a bit like the Harley show to me. But again, I’m willing to have my opinion changed on this by the time I see the movie.


A Quiet Place 2

Is this being released next year? I have no idea, but I’m definitely seeing it because I loved the first film and have a little crush on Emily Blunt.

1 5

The Assistant

This trailer is already giving me anxiety and I’m really excited for this thriller movie. Similarly to horror films, I don’t venture out into thriller/mysteries a lot. But I usually enjoy thriller films and this looks super intriguing. I love how the trailer doesn’t give everything away and has me super curious about the film.

1 4

Black Widow

I’m like a little bit excited for Scarlet Johansson, but like a lot excited for Florence Pugh and David Harbour. But ScarJo in that white suit is a moment.

1 3

Little Women

This film is already released in some countries, but it officially doesn’t release in Aus until the first of January, so it’s just making this list! Again, we stan Florence Pugh on this blog. I also just love sisterly things or media with themes of sisterhood in them, so I’m sure this is going to make me cry.

1 2


Not going to lie I cried during this trailer. The original Reflection sung by Lea Salonga usually makes me cry and they really made an orchestral version of that song for this movie. I feel blessed.


Wonder Woman 1984

There is no question that is my number one pick for 2020! Wonder Woman riding a lightening bolt is just iconic and I love it. I don’t know what my theory is about Steve returning, but I love that Chris Pine is back. Also, I can’t stop listening to the trailer music!

Do you plan on seeing any of these films? I’d love to hear what you’re excited for in 2020!

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