2019 was mostly a year of me reading a bunch of new to me authors. Some of which wrote my favourite books of last year. Even if their books didn’t make my favourites of the year, all of these authors were able to write their way into my heart and left an impression on me with their books, one way or another

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Katee Roberts

Favourite Book: Desperate Measures
Books Read from this Author: 2

Katee Roberts is a very prolific romance author. One of my favourite new romance series this year was her Wicked Villains series, where she writes Disney Villain Romance AUs. Desperate Measures, a Jafar and Jasmine AU romance has been my favourite so far. These romances are slightly dark with, bdsm elements and alpha men, which uhh, is apparently my jam.

The series is far from over and Katee Roberts keep churning out a new book in this series every few months — so the wait is never long in between instalments! These books just radiate bi energy, so if that’s you I’d definitely consider taking a look at this series.

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Sierra Simone

Favourite Book: A Lesson in Thorns
Books Read from this Author: 6

I have read a few books by Sierra Simone, none of them unfortunately have compared to the magic I felt when reading A Lesson in Thorns — a poly romance following six childhood friends, who have reunited in the 20s and form strong romantic bonds with one another. I loved the chemistry between all the main characters and especially loved how each character is so distinct from the next. I didn’t know ritualistic sex would be up my alley, but here we are!

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Tessa Bailey

Favourite Book: Getaway Girl
Books Read from this Author: 2

My favourite book so far from Tessa Bailey is Getaway Girl, which follows Addison, who is back in her hometown Charleston for her estranged cousin’s wedding. Only when the bride doesn’t show, Addison plays getaway driver for the jilted groom Elijah, the future mayor of Charleston. Honestly this romance was kind of wholesome, even with the erotic elements. Because Addison and Elijah become best friends throughout the story, so it’s perfect if you love the friends to lovers trope. This also feels really modern. Tessa Bailey writes women who hustle, have entrepreneurial sense and want to make something of themselves. As opposed to just focusing on the romance.

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M.L. Rio

Favourite Book: If We Were Villains
Books Read from this Author: 1

My favourite book by M.L. Rio wasn’t hard to choose, because this author has so far only written one book. But I already know that anything they write I will instantly read. If We Were Villains is a murder mystery set in an elite arts college follow seven young actors studying Shakespeare. When on of them is found dead, the rest face their greatest acting challenge yet: convincing the police, and themselves, that they are blameless.

This was an unexpected favourite, mainly because I’m not familiar with Shakespeare and didn’t expect to be as enamoured with this book as I was. But there was a lot of appealing elements aside from all the Shakespearian things. The dark acadamia/elite setting, intoxicating group dynamics, the downward spiral of the characters because of their guilt… This book was constantly exciting and gripping, whilst also being slightly (very slightly) romantic. I’m really hoping M.L. Rio releases another book soon!


Shelby Mahurin

Favourite Book: Serpent & Dove
Books Read from this Author: 1

There’s no doubt that Shelby Mahurin is one of my favourite new authors of the year. She has written her way into my heart with her 2019 debut Serpent & Blood — a enemies to lovers fantasy romance between a witch and a witch hunter. I gush about this book in a review on the blog. But really what I love about this book the most the main protagonist Lou – who is stubborn and fearless, crass and hilarious, and unapologetically herself!

Do you have any new favourites from 2019 that were written by new to you authors? 


  1. AHH I LOVE SERPENT AND DOVE WITH MY WHOLE HEART! I just finished it a few days ago and am quite impressed that it was a debut novel! One of my new fav authors for sure! Desperate Measure also looks good… I love a good retelling, Great list 🙂

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