Have you ever met someone and felt like you’ve known them in a thousand different lifetimes?

Lindsay Hall was a high school senior when she and her friend Patty discovered peach schnapps, listened to a past-life hypnosis CD, and got an up-close look at who she once was. And who she used to love. The knowledge of her past life has always haunted Lindsay. As her ex-husband is happy to point out, it’s made her a pretty crappy partner, too. Even her teenage daughter has politely suggested that she “get the eff over it.” Except she didn’t say eff.

Ren Christopher just wants a quick break before she starts a new job in London. She’s just extracted herself from a not-brief-enough, drama-filled relationship. A few weeks relaxing, drinking too much wine, and hanging with her old college friend Patty is just what the doctor ordered. No pressure, no expectations, and absolutely no drama.

Everything is perfect until Lindsay faints at the sight of Ren.

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I requested this book from Netgalley with the hopes that it would be another cozy romance book that I could nestle into on the weekend, my attention from it unwavering. A lot of that hope was based upon the fact that last year I read and adored another book by this author. But honestly, I found this new release by Elle Spencer to be just… perfectly okay.

After a vivid spiritual experience, Lindsey Hall is convinced she has a long-lost love from another life. She’s carried these memories with her years with the expectation that she’ll never find someone that compares to that love she felt in a dream. Least of all in Salt Creek, the small town she’s grown up in, where the gay population is small. Is it a complete fluke that the first time she paints a still life portrait of her lover from a past life, that a woman who happens to look just like her painting visits her small hometown the next day? Lindsey can’t decide if she’s woken up in an episode of Stranger Things, but she’s helpless to stop this stranger from taking an interest in her when she’s the living embodiment of her long-lost love.

This book was really hard to rate personally, because I felt quite neutral about it. My mediocre rating and perception of Waiting For You isn’t because I found faults in it, but rather that my taste in romance at the moment doesn’t align with what this book had to offer. I’d wish that was something I’d realised before I read this book.

As a 23 year old, I’ve realised that I just don’t get as much enjoyment from reading about characters that are in their 30s, and are either married, divorced and/or have children. This book really takes you through the life of a divorcee with a grown child in a small town. It was hard to ignore those factors when they were such a large part of the story and romance. For now, I think I’m going to save all these books for when I’m closer to this age and can relate more to that demographic.

Also, the past loves trope doesn’t appeal to me either. Whilst I’d absolutely say I’m a hopeless romantic, I also think that the pragmatic part of me just can’t get behind this trope, particularly in a contemporary setting. To the authors credit, Lindsey and Ren have considerable chemistry. Although it developed quickly for my taste, their bond is both sweet and respectful. It’s hard to see a relationship like that as anything other than being really wholesome. I also think readers who like stories about characters at this stage of life, will also respect the fact that it simultaneously reads very realistically, whilst also being a romance that is good for escapism.

I still really love and recommend Casting Lacey by this author, a fake dating romance between two actresses that is somewhat of a hate to lover banter-y filled romance. Regardless of what I feel about this particular book, Elle Spencer is a fluent writer and her books possess a casual charm and witty dialogue that always sparks a bit of joy from me. I’m sure a lot of readers who enjoy sapphic romance about mature women will no doubt enjoy this book too.

(2020) Book Images (3)

Have you read a book by Elle Spencer? What sapphic romances can you recommend?

– Carly


  1. sorry to see this one was just ok! Sometimes romances look cute… and than they sadly end up being meh. Great review 🙂

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