Hello book lovers! I hope you’re having a great start to the week. I think some Quarantine restrictions are being relaxed soon, therefore I’m hoping this means that I’ll be able to visit my library soon. I rely so much on my libraries to read books every month. Today I wanted to highlight all the reasons I love (and miss) my library!

If I wasn’t visiting my library every week, I was visiting it at least every other week to take home a stack of borrowed books. Whilst I do love my kindle, I also enjoy the novelty of reading a physical book every now and again too. Libraries in general (at least in my experience) still seem to have more of the books that I want to read physically, as opposed to offering them digitally. Whilst digital platforms like BorrowBox and Overdrive have made it possible to still borrow books online, it still isn’t as fully accessible as getting physical books was for me.

There’s also something about entering a library empty handed and leaving with a bag full of books that gives me a newfound motivation to read every week. I think I’ve really come to associate my library as an energising place. The feeling of holding a much anticipated book in my own hands is equally exciting. This experience of entering and leaving a library, could be easily equated with a bookstore too. So I’m sure many of you will be able to reminisce with me here.

Personally, I don’t mind that I don’t own most of the books that I read. I know germaphobes and people who fear antiques won’t be able to relate here, but personally I’m really fond of books that look like they’ve been loved and read to death. Old books are just very charming to me. It’s why I also like buy books second hand from libraries as well. Also, when an old library receipt falls out of the page, I’m reminded that the book I’m holding has probably travelled to so many different places, and has likely bought joy to someone else!

(2020) Book Images (3)

Are you a reader who gets their books predominantly from libraries? What do you miss about them? Maybe you can relate to some of what I’ve been feeling!

– Carly


  1. I miss my library so much 😭😭 I’m such a mood reader so having a library really helps me save money and I can check out as many books as I want guilt free!! I hope my local library opens up to!

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  2. I walk past my library every day when I get off the train and head into work. Most days I would stop and browse the stacks and just ground myself before the daily grind. I can’t even put into words how soul-sucking and deflating it is to walk past and see my library since shut up and dark. What even is a world without libraries??? I believe that as of June 1st in VIC libraries will be re-opening. I can’t wait! I hope you’re well. 💙

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