Hello book lovers! I hope you’re having a great week so far. Today I’m cherry picking all my favourite book news that was announced during the month of May.

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Lore Olympus: Season 1 is OVER

Lore Olympus is a modernised retelling of Hades and Persephone. It’s a wonderfully wholesome webcomic that is free for anyone to read online. Now after 115 episodes, season 1 has finally ended! On a massive cliffhanger too. I’m tempted to re-read it all over again now that all the episodes are out and I can just binge them.

I believe Season 2 will be released in August this year. I’m desperate to see some story lines be resolved. (Ahem, Apollo…) This is easily my favourite graphic story because the romance is so adorable. Mariana Zapata has nothing on Rachel Smythe when it comes to slow burn angst 😂

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Sandhya Menon is publishing her first adult rom-com

Sandhya Menon revealed the cover of her first adult romance book Make Up Break Up, which will be released in early 2021 under the pen-name Lily Menon. It’s a second chance, enemies to lovers romance following two App rivals with completely different life philosophy’s when it comes to love.

I just read my first Sandhya Menon book this month, a YA Contemporary and I absolutely adored it. I personally prefer adult romances over YA, so I’m very excited to see Sandhya Menon branching out!

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Sierra Simone’s New Camelot Trilogy is now available on Kindle Unlimited

I’ve been working my way through Sierra Simone’s backlist ever since I read A Lesson in Thorns. Whilst that series is still reigning as my favourite of her work, I’m very intrigued by her earlier books. The New Camelot trilogy is a MMF romance with political intrigue set in the United States. I have been using Kindle Unlimited during Quarantine, so I’m very happy with this news. I’ll definitely aim to read this series before my KU subscription is over.

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Susan Dennard announced the title of her fourth book in The Witchlands series

Susan Dennard announced that Iseult’s book will be titled Witchshadow. I personally love this title for Iseult’s book and don’t mind the change in naming pattern of her books. The final book after this book will also have a similar name. Susan Dennard also hinted that she has plans to release more books in this world, just not in this main series. I’m definitely going to do an audiobook re-read of the series before Witchshadow is released early next year because it has been a looong time since I read a book in this series.

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Holly Black is releasing a fourth book in The Folk of the Air series

Holly Black is releasing an illustration addition to this series titled How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories. The fourth book will be a deep dive into Cardan’s life before he was a cruel prince, looking at his dramatic life when he was a faerie child. It’ll be told wholly from his perspective, with details from his life before The Cruel Prince as well as an adventure after The Queen of Nothing.

I’m personally going to wait for reviews before I think about reading this one because I’m not wholly interested in illustrated books. But this would be a nice collectors item for bibliophiles and fans of the series!

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Across the Green Grass Fields cover reveal

The 6th book in Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children series got a cover, and it’s beautiful! Across the Green Grass Fields will follow Regan, a character we’ve yet to met in this universe and her world is the Hooflands, a world filled with centaurs, kelpies, and other magical equines. I think horses are so majestic so I’m very excited about this world!

Have you read any of the series I mentioned? Or does any of this news appeal to you?

– Carly


  1. AHHHHHHHH – I’m so excited for How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories. I mean, weren’t we just saying how we need more Carden content in our lives??? I swear, we must be physic! I LOVE illustrated books [must be the Disney loving artist in me] so I’ll be sure to let you know how it measures up. But, from the cover alone, I’m predicting a high rating! 💙

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