Sequel September – My September Reading Plans

Monthly TBR and Reading Goals

I love using alliteration to help drive my monthly reading goals. Last year, I did Sequel September with all my fantasy sequels and it was really successful! I want to replicate that success and read a few more tomes this month with some of the fantasy series I need to catch up on. Of course there’ll be romances and thrillers peppered along the way!


What fantasy sequels am I reading this month?

📚  Blood & Honey is the sequel to: Serpent & Dove

A witch and a witch hunter bound in holy matrimony? Sounds like my kind of disaster. I don’t know how this series is continuing but if I get a good romance again I’ll be happy.

📚  Storm of Locusts is the sequel to: Trail of Lightning

I’m hoping this sequel gives me a little more than the previous book did. I really like the Indigenous inspired magic system and the monster hunting, but I want to connect a little more to the characters.

📚  The Traitor Queen is the sequel to: The Bridge Kingdom

I think I’m most excited for this sequel. A princess bride that’s a former spy? Turned traitor to her own family? Has to save her husband? Yes, yes and yes!

thriller tbr

What thrillers am I reading this month?

📚  One by One

I’ve been wanting to read one of Ruth Ware’s thrillers for a long time now. A snowed-in retreat where you can’t trust your coworkers sounds so enticing to me.

📚  Paul Tremblay

My type of thrillers usually don’t involve Zombies (I get bad nightmares about Zombies!) But a pregnant woman travelling cross-country, fighting for the life of her unborn child whilst trying to avoid deadly challenges… sounds a little like Bird Box!

📚  What Lies Between Us

I’ve been making my way through John Marrs backlist. So far I’ve read 2 thrillers by him and both read like those good episodes of Black Mirror that are a little morally ambiguous.

romance tbr

What romances am I reading this month?

📚  All Stirred Up

I’ve been loving chef/food related romances recently. Rivalling restaurant, former protégés and ex-boyfriends in Scotland, sounds like the perfect recipe of a great romance.

📚  Kiss My Cupcake

I was really lucky to win this enemies to lovers romance about two competing local businesses!

📚  A Touch of Darkness

I haven’t read a Hades and Persephone romance in such a long time, so I’m really excited to start a new retelling. Hopefully I enjoy it because there’s several books in this series and I need my Persephone and Hades fix.

(2020) Book Images (3)

What books are you reading this week? Have you read any of the books that I mentioned?

From Reading Is My Kind of Thing, Carly

7 thoughts on “Sequel September – My September Reading Plans

  1. I love your themed TBR’s – if I wasn’t such a mood reader I would 100% try it. As it is, I’m planning a themed TBR for October. I’ll still be in lock down [retail won’t go back till October 26 at this stage] so I’m thinking some moody reading material is just the way to go! 😉

    As for September there are so many amazing books releasing that I’m super excited to read. First and foremost: BLOOD AND HONEY! Can you believe that even though I pre-ordered my copy I’m STILL waiting for it to arrive??? AHHHHHHH! You can bet I’ll be hitting you up with all my thoughts and feels!

    Also: WELL PLAYED IS FINALLY NEAR AND I AM SO EXCITED FOR MORE EMILY AND SIMON!!! We’re going to have to do another buddy read! 😂💙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I turned myself into this kind of reader who likes lists. I used to be a mood reader too – I don’t know what’s happened! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for October 👻


      Also… AS IF I LEFT WELL PLAYED OFF THIS LIST?! Yes we are definitely reading that. I will order the ebook let me know when you’re copy arrives 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I had to wait for my next pay period [LOL] but I’m ordering my copy of Well Played ASAP. Apparently Emily and Simon are getting married and I am SO down for that! Give me all that wedding drama! [Even if they are side characters in the sequel].

        Also, I JUST finished Blood and Honey… Let’s just say I have some SERIOUSLY mixed feelings about this one… I enjoyed it but I wasn’t blown away??? It felt majorly like a filler book and THAT’S the tea. 😉

        I hope you have an amazing October! 💙

        Liked by 1 person

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