Hello book lovers! In honour of Tome Topple, I wanted to revisit my favourite books that are over 500 pages for this weeks Top 5 Wednesday.

To be honest, I didn’t feel like a had a massive pool of books to choose from for this topic. I rarely find myself reading larger books because I’m a slower reader. However it seems to be a theme (particularly with some YA Fantasy series) that these books are just getting bigger and bigger with each instalment in a series. So I can’t always opt out!

The measurement I used when trying to decide what books would make the list went a little something like asking myself a very simple question… “would I put myself through this 500 something page book again?” Because if I’m being real, I find that long books are rarely very fun, especially when complex magic systems or worlds are involved. Which could be something of a phase for my reading at the moment.

However, the books that made this list are the exceptions to that. And if you’re wondering why, well it’s because most of them had really great romances in them. (What can I say I’m a simple gal, all it takes is a good romance!)

Now onto my favourite books over 500 pages!

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Warbreaker by Brandon Sander

Warbreaker by Brandon Sander



Spoiler Free Review

High Fantasy 

Warbreaker #1.0

My Rating: ★★★★☆

This book has truly left an impression on me. I know I didn’t give this book a perfect rating (which I will discuss further on) but rating aside, I believe this is such a sensational fantasy book for many reasons. It has definitely made an impact on my reading and has set the bar pretty high for future fantasy books.

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My Current Favourite Science Fiction and Fantasy Books!

My Current Favourite Science Fiction and Fantasy Books!

Todays discussion is a Top 5 Wednesday topic. Here is the link to the group page for any further information or if you’d like to do these topics yourself!

I didn’t really have to think long and hard about todays list – these books are easily some of my favourite books in general and I’ve rated all either a four or five stars!

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