Hello bookworms! I’m back today with another end of year wrap up post. This time I’m discussing the books I read last year that disappointed me the most. Which I think is a topic that is relatively different from your worst reads, although sometimes they’re probably the same thing.

Originally I wasn’t going to write this post, but there were so many books on my worst reads list that I described as being disappointing to me, and I thought those books warranted their own post. All of the books on this list were books that I had some expectation for and unfortunately they just weren’t met!

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Alien: Echo by Mira Grant

I had no idea that when picking this up, it would be apart of the Alien movie franchise, which isn’t a film series I’m not at all familiar with. I think I was holding this author up to really high standards, because all of the work I’ve read of theirs has been amazing. I guess I expected this book would have an entirely original world. I’m mainly disappointed because I was excited to get something unique from the author.


Better Off Red by Rebekah Weatherspoon

I had seen so many glowing reviews for Rebekah Weatherspoon’s sapphic vampire series. However I thought this book just didn’t really age well and was quite mediocre. To be fair, it was published in 2011 and unfortunately you could kind of tell.


Killing November by Adriana Mathers

A remote school that trains teenagers to become assassin’s and spies? Sign. Me. UP! I was sold on this idea instantly. My problem with this book can really be simplified down to the fact that it felt a bit too juvenile in it’s execution. I do think the audiobook had some impression on that as well.


Feast of Sparks by Sierra Simone

To be honest, I don’t mind the ritualistic orgies. (If anything, I look forward to them at the end of each book. πŸ˜‚ ) But if you know anything about this book, you know that the twist that happens towards the end of the book is just wildly inappropriate. And it really tainted my opinion of this book. Without it, I’m sure I would’ve rated this book higher than I did. In saying that, I will absolutely be reading the forthcoming books for my girl Delphine.


Again, But Better by Christine Riccio

Whilst I could see some solid elements of a romcom that I liked in this story, the narrative was bogged down by endless pop culture references. Christine is so heavy handed with references that it only serves to inform the reader that the main character is basically Christine. I found it a bit uncomfortable reading a story that seemed so derivative of the authors life. Also the plot twist in this book that involved fantastical elements just overshadowed the message of this book and brought a lacklustre romance to the centre of attention.


Capturing the Devil by Kerri Maniscalco

I can decidedly say that Capturing the Devil is the worst last book in a series I’ve ever read. This book reads like one looong boring epilogue might. The first half of the story focuses on the upcoming nuptials of the two main characters. Which might be to your tastes, but personally jaded me. In my review of the first book I was complaining that the characters got together to quickly. The fact that they’re getting married at their age, after knowing each other for 6 months blows my mind. Even if it is historically appropriate, I just don’t care. Then the second half of the book just poaches the plot from book one. To me this book is a very convenient and boring way to end a series and I was left very unimpressed.

(2020) Book Images (3)What books were you most disappointed by last year? Have you read any of these books?

– Carly




  1. I have yet to start the Stalking Jack the Ripper series but really want to. And I keep seeing Feast of Sparks everywhere and how its wild (and people either love it or hate it) is it worth trying at all?? im curious lol. Great post Carly πŸ™‚

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    1. The first book A Lesson in Thorns is mostly enjoyed across the board, it’s just the second book that’s a bit divisive! But there’s 2 more books left so things may turn around. Honestly if you’ve never read anything like that type of romance and you think you might like it, I recommend it! The dynamics are pretty fun! Thanks Jamie πŸ˜€

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  2. OHMYGOSH – YES! That plot twist in Again, But Better felt VERY left field! I was like WTF are you DOING??? Especially because the laws and rules are never fleshed out or explained? Like I’m sorry but you CANNOT just drop a bomb like that and then not explain yourself?!?

    Another thing – the dairy entries when it came to the travelling aspect was such a cop out. I mean, it’s basically just lazy writing with plenty of telling and not enough showing. I wanted to experience Shane’s travels – not hear about them! #stillsalty πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‚

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    1. I’m glad you’re on the same page as me! It was a massive BOMB. I kind of wish it was strictly contemporary. Also, how did I totally forget about the diary entries? But what you said is so valid, it’s a lot of telling. I would be salty too! I think because it had such potential to be a good story. I think because of that feeling, I’ll stay up to date with Christine’s future publications and see if she can change my mind about her writing! πŸ˜›

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      1. Me too – she definitely has potential, I think she just needs to fleshed out and develop her writing and plotting a little better. I honestly thing Again. But Better could have been saved with a little more editing… Oh well! ❀

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  3. Argh, I SO agree with your comments about Again, But Better – also just the fact that the ‘plot twist’ was so obviously borrowed from a very popular, very well known movie (I don’t want to mention it explicitly in case I spoil anyone by accident!) πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈI think the book would’ve been way better off if it had focused on Shane’s personal development rather than her obsession with a taken man. I said what I said πŸ™Š


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